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best bail bonds


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Counties served

Best Bail Bonds of Central New York. We are available to write bonds in Syracuse and the surrounding counties.

We write bonds in:

Onondaga County

Oswego County

Cayuga County

Jefferson County

Cortland County

Madison County

Oneida County

How it works

When someone is arrested, the judge may set bail and bond for the case.

BAIL– When you pay the cash bail, you pay the full amount. You will get this money back once the case is concluded.

BOND– With bail bond you pay a premium of approximately 10% of the bond amount. YOU DO NOT GET THIS MONEY BACK. You are making a promise with the court that the defendant will appear at all court dates. If the defendant misses court, you will owe the full bond amount to the court.



The following premiums are set by the New York State Department of Insurance. It is illegal for a bondsman to charge any more than the premium or any additional fees.

Bond              Premium

$1000           $100

$1500            $150

$2000           $200

$2500           $250

$3000           $300

$3500           $340

$4000           $380

$5000            $460

$7500             $660

$10,000         $860

$15,000         $1160

$20,000        $1460

$25,000        $1760

$30,000        $2060

$40,000        $2660

$50,000        $3260

$100,000      $6260



We are conveniently located directly behind the Justice Center in Syracuse. We are the largest bail bond office in Syracuse.


Best Bail Bonds in Jefferson County, NY.

We are available to write bail bonds in Watertown, NY. We service all of Jefferson County, NY and the surrounding communities.

Best Bail Bonds in Cortland County, NY.

We can assist you with a bail bond in Cortland County. We are the go-to guys to help you with this difficult time. We will have your loved one out of jail in no time.

Best Bail Bonds in Cayuga County, NY.

We are the premium bail bond agency servicing Auburn, NY and all of Cayuga County. We can have your loved one back home with you quickly.

Best Bail Bonds in Oneida County, NY.

We are the quickest bail bond agency in Utica, NY. We service all of Oneida County, NY. We will make the process convenient and speedy.